Bosch Foyer Headquarter Feuerbach

Videoinstallation with moveable LED-elements

Bosch plays a key role in the global mobility revolution. Against this background, it was an exciting task to design the new foyer of the Powertrain Solutions division together with the Stuttgart-based agency Milla & Partner. The central element of the large multi-purpose area is the four-part LED wall suspended from the ceiling and movable on a rail system. Depending on how the space is used, it can serve as a presentation area, a wayfinding element at in-house exhibitions or as a room-filling communication medium within the permanent exhibition.

For this scenario, I as director developed a media production that uses the special possibilities of the LED elements arranged in the room to introduce visitors to the world of Bosch Powertrain Systems. In addition to specially created animation sequences, existing film sequences and stock material were combined with a composed soundtrack to create an aesthetic and informative whole.

Fotos: Günther Bayerl